Roberto Montoya-Mejia
Roberto celebrated his 75th birthday on Sept 21, 2011
Three wonderful parties celebrated the artist's 75th birthday in his home surrounded by his art. Send birthday wishes to
Jungle Jewels Series
Roberto's series of 6 color pencil drawings called "Jungle Jewels" has been added to his website collection.
Spring Open Studios at Hunters Point Shipyards Apr 30-May 1, 2011
Roberto will be in Building 101 on the second floor in Studio 2118 this Saturday and Sunday from 11Am - 6PM. He is offering over 30 small paintings and a selection of limited edition prints. Come see a rough draft of the book "The Women in Roberto's Life"!
Michael & Roberto look forward to seeing you this weekend!
Spring Open Studios Apr 30-May 1
Roberto Montoya Mejia will be participating in the 2011 Spring Open Studios at SF Hunters Point Shipyards in Studio 2118 on the second floor.
He will be returning from Colombia on April 16, and you may call his partner, Michael at (415) 235-2065 for more information about the available original works and fine art prints.
Thank you for your interest!
Roberto will be in Colombia, Mar 14-Apr 16
Roberto and Michael will be visiting Medellin, Bogota, Cali and Popayan. Michael has created a rough draft of an artbook called "The Women in Roberto's Life" that focuses on the women in his art and the women in his family who inspired them. Another news item will be posted when the book has been published.
5-1-2010 Roberto has returned from Colombia, S.A.
Roberto returned from Colombia, S.A. yesterday. Before he left he met with an art reporter who is very excited about his work, and so a theme-focused book will be created called "The women in the life of Roberto Montoya-Mejia", to be used as part of a formal presentation to El Museo de Antioquia, which focuses on native sons and daughters.
More fine art prints have been ordered and many will be shipped to Colombia as soon as they are available.
Thank you for your interest!
Roberto Montoya-Mejia travels to Colombia, S.A. March 26- April 30, 2010
Roberto and his partner Michael will visit Bogota, Medellin, Cali and Popayan. They look forward to visiting the Contemporary Art Museum in Bogota and the Fernando Botero Museum in Medellin.
Over 100 people visit Roberto's website every month. Roberto thanks you for your emails and looks forward to responding when he returns after April 30th. Thank you for your interest in his art.
Spring Open Studios at Hunters Point Shipyards May 2 & 3
On May 2 & 3 from 11AM - 6PM, in Bldg 101 Studio 2118 at the Hunters Point Shipyards, Roberto Montoya-Mejia will be showing paintings, drawings and fine art prints. To ask for a list of works and prices, or directions to the studio, please call (415) 235-2065 or e-mail Michael Somers at, and provide a fax number or e-mail.
Thank you for your interest!
2-9-09 "Sibyl" goes to the White House
Roberto has shipped a framed limited edition print of "Sibyl" to Pres. Barack H. Obama at the White House as a Valentine's Day gift from a grateful nation. The message reads...

Sibyl to Aeneas: "Yeld not to disasters, but press onward the more bravely!"

Roberto Montoya-Mejia was inspired by this legend and Michelangelo's painting of "Sibyl" on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Mr. President, the artist hopes you will see that Sibyl's headdress is made up of the ballots of the millions who voted for you. On one side of each ballot is a wish for your success, on the other side is a bit of timeless wisdom, to be interpreted by Sibyl for you and your Administration.

Thank you for your respect for all religions and cultures, for your eloquence and for your humility.

Happy Valentine's Day from "Sibyl"

(signed Roberto Montoya-Mejia, 2009)
Happy New Year!
Twenty-three countries are represented by visitors to Roberto's website in December!

Roberto will participate in the SF 2009 Spring Open Studios at Hunters Point May 2 & 3.

A documentary film of Roberto's life is being planned.
Five works go to press tomorrow 9-20-08
Five limited edition fine art prints are in production now from works by Roberto Montoya-Mejia. They are "My Sisters Traveling to the Capital", "Sibyl", "Euphoria". "Wayfarer Sonata" and "Madonna of the Rose".
The prints will be signed by the artist, and numbered from 1 to 100. The artist will keep number one of each. Prices will begin at $150. each plus shipping and handling, and increase $25. after the sale of each group of 5. Numbers 1-5 will be $150., numbers 6-10 will be $175.....
At this time we have orders for "Euphoria", prints numbered 2 and 3.

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to hearing from you!

Michael Somers, representative for Roberto Montoya-Mejia
cell (415) 235-2065

9-9-08 Waiting List update
"Yellow Rose #2" (see Oil on Canvas folder)
1. Braden Somers, Denver Colorado